GLOBSEC 2019Side Events
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Photo Report : SIDE EVENTS

Side Events PhotoReport from all 3 days.

DAY 3GLOBSEC 2019Side Events
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Short Summary from Side Events: DAY 3

GLOBSEC Trends 2019

The year of 2019 marks several important anniversaries for Central and Eastern Europe. While remembering 30 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the countries’ accessions to the EU and NATO, the latest report of Strategic Communication Programme, GLOBSEC Trends 2019, looked at the state of democracy through the eyes of citizens in Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

DAY 2GLOBSEC 2019Side Events
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Short Summary from Side Events: DAY 2

Women Navigating Through Disruption

Women breakfast brought together important women experts from all around the world. Projection of future based on the past data and increasing AI influence were identified as the biggest challenges women are currently facing. 

Strenghtening Liberalism in Central and Eastern Europe

Globsec in collaboration with Brookings and Transatlantic Democracy Working Group held a session on Strenghtening Liberalism in Central and Eastern Europe. The participants discussed the most troubling trends across the region as well as a variety of tactics and activities how to tackle them.  

Migration Myths 

There are still challenges associated with migration. Myths need to be debunked, the discourse should be based on facts and reliable information. 

Election Interference 

From foreign interference to information operations carried out by domestic agents. Fruitful expert discussion about disinformation, information operations and election interference with Laura Rosenberger and Nada Kovalcikova from German Marshall Fund US, Prof. Martin Innes from the Cardiff University, Daniel Milo and Miroslava Sawiris from the StratCom team, GLOBSEC. 

Disruptive Innovation Towards a More Sustainable Europe 

Despite the existence of innovative treatments, cancer is quickly becoming the biggest cause of disease burden in the EU. Important discussion at Globsec2019 about Innovation in Healthcare. Is EU Seizing the Momentum? 

European Defence Roundtable: Europe moving forward toward joint procurement and common projects

Climate change is a source of structural change in the economy and financial system. A paradigm shift, instead of incremental changes, by traditional, financial stakeholders is needed to meet the set energy and climate goals.

From Reach to Engagement: Fighting Disinformation by Strengthening Online Presence

In the changing times of internet communication speakers offered an interesting presentation about presence on the internet, web marketing and disinformation fighting througthout new ways which can be provided by social media and their content creators and internet celebrities.  

Strategic Communication in EaP countries: Civil Society Leading the Fight Against Disinformation

Closed-door session opened by Katarina Mathernova and Dovile Sukyte led by Brian Whitmore with contribution of Nataliya Gumenyuk and Katarina Klingova was focused not only on fighting propaganda, but also on debunking fake news and disinformation and searching for appropriate ways to transform state institutions, civil society and internet environment in this regard. 

DAY 1GLOBSEC 2019Side Events
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Short Summary from Side Events: DAY 1

CSI Launch

Against the backdrop of a worsening security situation in Europe, participants at the launch of the Cooperative Security Initiative at the Bratislava Forum pledged to build new security ecosystems and engage decision makers as well as influencers to raise the profile of the current security challenges to better involve the general public.

Building a Nurturing Ecosystem for AI 

Participants of the side event on AI ecosystems call for more regional cooperation between emerging AI plattforms. They see the wider region of Central Europe with existing deep economic ties as a natural space for cooperation. Possible common actios were discussed and road map outlined.

Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise: Navigating Transatlantic Disruptions, Conflicts and Opportunities 

Wrapping up the first ever Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise at GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum. Participants used cognitive and emotional intelligence to come up with the best feasible and implementable solutions for their scenarios. Thank you to all our partners for their support! 

The Ins and Outs of the next EU Budget 

Brexit will create a large gap in the EU budget, the most difficult part of the budget negotiations seems to be the cohesion policy. Speakers of the closed-door session Ins and Out of the Next EU Budget agreed that there are many dividing lines among EU member states. A broader discussion on whether the Multiannual Financial Framework actually provides proper political guidance and strategic political goals that position the EU as a strong actor who faces many new challenges.