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Day 1 Summary

  • Opening DAY 1
  • 14:15 – 15:15
    Diplomacy for the Post-Rule World

    The OSCE provides value to its member states by providing tools for cooperation but it can not subsitute for lack of political will. It may seem that the states are trying to move beyond the rules framework of the international order, but in reality states want more rules because they are struggling with this disrupted world. International law applies to cyber space but the problem is that for incidents that do not meet the threshold of active conflict there are very few rules.


    “The weakening of those who has been traditionally leading leads to the promotion of organisations are weakened.”- Greminger

    “Business interests have tendency to be much more global than political interests.” – Frank

    “States are facing the whole new world trying to come to the terms, seeking for new rules.” – Grigas

    “There will be different rules for different states, until world will move to better rules.” – Grigas

  • 15:45 – 16:45
    Fuel to the Fire: Weaponising Islam in Europe

    The threat of political Islam is being perpetuated due to the political agenda of certain countries. European Muslims might join groups like ISIS because of perceived disenfranchisment. Europe needs to help moderate voices within Islam and help sustain political Islam to effectively counter violent extremism.


    “Sustaining political Islam was the solution for the prevention of violent extremism.” – Dupuy

     “When state administration is not there someone will occur in order to replace the role of the state.” – Dupuy

    “Climate change is now an inevitable outcome, let’s make it an opportunity. “

    “It is necessary to distinguish between Islam and terrible criminal acts which are not Islam at all and it is not acceptable to mark these crimes with Islam because it is connected not with Islam but with criminals” – Gassana

    “One of the biggest crisis that face terrorist organisations is legitimac” – Wario

    “States are not democratic enough” – Wario

  • 16:45 – 17:45
    Cloak & Dagger: Enhancing the Resilience of Our Societies

    The nature of threats has evolved to a point where a few milligrams of chemical agents can kill dozens of people within seconds. At the same time, fake news is the sort of threat that can disrupt citizens‘ lives through the internet of things or increasing vaccines hesistency. The only way to meet these challenges is for states and civil society to proactively be running informations campaigns on social media where this misinformation is being perpetuated.

    “Fake news about chemical weapons can undermine organisations” – Gonzáles

     “In terms of health care there are 10 main threats, including climate change, ebola, and vaccination hesitancy” – Schiever

    “The challenge of the world is that technology came first and regulations came second.” – Abel

    “Most often-used tactic in terms of spreading disinformation is not to convince a particular audience, it is rather to confuse the audience.” – Milo

  • 15:15 – 18:00
    GLOBSEC Talk: Future of War: Still a Human Affair?

    The future of warfare continues to race along the tracks of technological advancement, and the NATO Allies must be able to not only keep up but also foresee these developments in order to best tackle them and preserve peace in the future. NATO Allies must retain their advantage in flexibility, speed in innovation, and interoperability, in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, autonomy, big data analytics, and quantum computing. Developing military applications of civilian technology and methods to counter them is inevitable, as due to the proliferation of knowledge and technology our adversaries are doing so. The best option is to be as far ahead as possible, and retain military superiority through technological superiority. We must pick up the pace to make these improvements.

    “Cyber offense and cyber defence are misleading, we need to focus on cyber intelligence and cyber security.”

    “Sharing of information in the area of big data is a must, not an option. The sharing of information is what make you stronger in the era of big data.”

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