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Day 3 Summary

  • Opening DAY 2
  • 11:00 – 11:30
    GLOBSEC Chat: American Leadership Going at It Alone 

    Ambassador Ron Johnson argued that contrary to popular opinion, from his perspective transatlantic relations remained strong. He argued that the US wants a zero-tariff world but only on the basis of reciprocity and fairness. In the China context, he believed that cyber theft of intellectual property was a huge issue of concern. 

    “NATO is a defensive alliance; it is not meant to go to the offense .” – Hon. Ron Johnson 
    “We need to call China out on the cyber theft. That is the first line of defence.” – Hon. Ron Johnson 

  • 12:00 – 12:30
    GLOBSEC Chat: Space Race: New Frontier of Hybrid Threats? 

    In the next five years, our dependence on space assets would increase at least three folds. There is a distinction between militarization of space and weaponization of space. The international regime on space needs to be updated as it does not have the capacity to deal with private sector stakeholders.


    This debris (from shutdown satellites) are already causing problems many methods were tried but they are extremely costly. – Amb. Sorin Ducaru 
    Our dependence from the space is already extremely profound , its like breathing air. – Amb. Sorin Ducaru 

  • End of DAY 2

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