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  • Opening DAY 3
  • Explosive Data: Lifeblood of Our Times

    Data has become intrinsic to everything that we do, and this trend will only strengthen. In keeping with this, there may be a need for a stronger code of ethics relating to data. Yet there is also an issue of data literacy, which can only improve with the help of both the public sector and private sector.

    “There’s great unevenness in how we protect and respond to data breaches.”
    – Michael Chertoff

  • Leading Europe: Challenges and Expectations

    The V4 is growing its political and economic power. It calls for strong and united Europe speaking with one voice mainly in the areas of research, digitalisation, single market and investment.

  • GLOBSEC Chat: American Leadership Going at It Alone 

    Ambassador Ron Johnson argued that contrary to popular opinion, from his perspective transatlantic relations remained strong. He argued that the US wants a zero-tariff world but only on the basis of reciprocity and fairness. In the China context, he believed that cyber theft of intellectual property was a huge issue of concern. 

    “NATO is a defensive alliance; it is not meant to go to the offense .” – Hon. Ron Johnson 
    “We need to call China out on the cyber theft. That is the first line of defence.” – Hon. Ron Johnson 

  • Vision for Europe

    Current crisis the world is going through has a specific taste for the EU, not only because of Brexit, but also because its unclear direction when it comes to two-track EU, democratic backsliding of the V4, demographic decline, future enlargement of Western Balkan and the East-West divide. This divide should be bridged with concrete actions and clear vision, where the Central Europe should not be forgotten. It is important to get out of the “Brussels bubble” and recognize the importance of the regions and people, who don’t see the benefits of the EU membership. The EU is like a family, there are differences, but that does not mean there are no bounds between its members. In this respect, it is also crucial to reconsider the decision-making process to make the EU a global player and prevent it is being played by others.

    We need create positive discrimination – countries of periphery not necessary only central Europe but Balkan as well can begin to build up their own excellence to participate in common different projects. – Amb. Jakub Wisniewski

    The  disruption of sovereignty led to a process which we call Brexit. – Amb. Jakub Wisniewski

  • Values and Interests: The Realities of Transatlantic Partnership

    Over the course of one presidency, the transatlantic relationship has gone from constructive and cooperative to reserved and strained, but panelists agree that these differences are likely superficial and will not change the long term relationship between the US and Europe.

    Underpinning the rhetoric at the top is a strong and consistent relationship. – Baroness Catherine Ashton 

    America got rich because we understood that we will prosper only if everyone else prospers at the same time. It is simply not true thtat the EU was created as a US competitor, we wanted them to exist so we would not have to fight wars in Europe again and so it would make us rich. – Amb Daniel Fried 

    The US needs an ally in reforming the WTO, and so the US will collaborate with the EU in the end out of necessity. – Amb Jakub Wisniewski 

  • Foreign Election Interference: Creating or Filling in the Cracks?

    Election interference is part of a broader ongoing effort by authoritarian regimes to undermine democracy. This is primarily being done through information operations, most frequently seen today on social media platforms. A lack of regulation has allowed the spread of misinformation and disorganized method to counter it. The private sector cannot take full responsibilty for this, and regulation must be put into place by consulting all the relevant actors, to create a framework based on the protection of rights and the rule of law. Mechanisms for information sharing between not only countries but also intelligence communities and the public will be essential in the short term, while government must continue to emphasize the development of critical thinking skills in their education policy in order to build more resilience in their populations in the long term. 

    Accusation of regulating internet is undermining democratic views, what we need is open democracy.  – Marietje Schaake  

    We have to take all the measures to make sure to rebuilt the public trust, we cannot afford so much time in order to find out what is fake news or what is not. - Marietje Schaake  

    Policy will always be slower than technology development. - Lisa Past  

  • “CZ is not SK, government will not change because of people protesting at the streets. The legitimacy of the goverment comes from regular elections” – Andrej Babiš

  • End of DAY 3

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