Participation is possible by invitation only due to limited capacity of the venue. The invitation is personal and non-transferable, subject to a precise selection process. Every invitee requires the approval of GLOBSEC Forum Audience Board, consisting of the organisation’s Chairman, President, CEO and Project Manager.

The invitation process of the diplomatic corps accredited to Slovakia conforms with the following rules:

  • Heads of diplomatic missions of those states which send representatives at the level of president, prime minister, minister, state secretary, speaker of parliament or chairman of a parliamentary committee;
  • Heads of diplomatic missions of those states that are permanent members of the UN Security Council, V4 countries, members of the Presidency Trio of the Council of the European Union, member states of the EU, NATO and G20;
  • Heads of diplomatic missions of states which actively cooperate with GLOBSEC on a long-term basis (active support for speakers and audience invitations, recommendations of relevant stakeholders as invitees, cooperation during working visits of GLOBSEC representatives abroad);
  • Defence attachés of respective missions in case of attendance of minister of defence or state secretary of defence;
  • Up to 3 additional members of the diplomatic mission in case of a high-level political delegation or in case the mission is an official partner of GLOBSEC organization.