DAY 1GLOBSEC 2019Side Events
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Short Summary from Side Events: DAY 1

CSI Launch

Against the backdrop of a worsening security situation in Europe, participants at the launch of the Cooperative Security Initiative at the Bratislava Forum pledged to build new security ecosystems and engage decision makers as well as influencers to raise the profile of the current security challenges to better involve the general public.

Building a Nurturing Ecosystem for AI 

Participants of the side event on AI ecosystems call for more regional cooperation between emerging AI plattforms. They see the wider region of Central Europe with existing deep economic ties as a natural space for cooperation. Possible common actios were discussed and road map outlined.

Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise: Navigating Transatlantic Disruptions, Conflicts and Opportunities 

Wrapping up the first ever Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise at GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum. Participants used cognitive and emotional intelligence to come up with the best feasible and implementable solutions for their scenarios. Thank you to all our partners for their support! 

The Ins and Outs of the next EU Budget 

Brexit will create a large gap in the EU budget, the most difficult part of the budget negotiations seems to be the cohesion policy. Speakers of the closed-door session Ins and Out of the Next EU Budget agreed that there are many dividing lines among EU member states. A broader discussion on whether the Multiannual Financial Framework actually provides proper political guidance and strategic political goals that position the EU as a strong actor who faces many new challenges.