Admiral Manfred Nielson


Personal Information

Admiral Nielson graduated from Helmut Schmidt University of the Bundeswehr inHamburg, completing underwater weapons specialist training in 1981.  

He served early tours as watch officer on coastal minesweepers and minehunters and subsequent command tours of Tübingen and Paderborn; and as action officer on the Armed Forces Staff, Federal MoD and Deputy Commander, 6th Minesweeper Squadron.  

From 1996-1997 he commanded 6th Minesweeper Squadron.  Following promotion to RADM, served as Commandant, Naval Academy, Flensburg from 2003-2005 deploying to CTF 150 during Operation Enduring Freedom.  Promoted to Vice Admiral in 2010, he was appointed Commander in Chief of the German Fleet in Glücksburg 

Significant tours include Chief, Division I Personnel, Social Services and Central Affairs Directorate – Federal MoD and as Director, Armed Forces Staff.   Appointed Chief of Staff, Joint Support Service of the Bundeswehr in April 2012; April 2016, he was promoted to Admiral and assumed duties as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.  

Admiral Nielson holds a Masters in Economics and Organisational Sciences and is a graduate of the Admiral Staff Officer Course, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College.  Awards include the Badge of Honour of the Bundeswehr in Gold, German Armed Forces Deployment Medal and the German Flood Service Medal.