John Abel


Personal Information

John Abel is a developer turned innovator.

His current role is to lead teams of solution architects, engineers and innovation teams in UK, Ireland and Israel to use technology to drive business value. His focus is on ensuring his team are able to blend new technologies such as Blockchain, AI , Internet of Things and Autonomous systems with existing, deployed, systems to help make ideas become not just reality, but commercially relevant.

John has built a diverse team drawn from multiple backgrounds and skills sets to ensure synergies of different perspectives working together comes to the fore. This includes close cooperation with Oracle’s partner and start-up ecosystem to bring the brightest and best minds to help find and solve the problems customers are faced with. John also supports a number of STEM projects that are aimed at increasing participation overall but particularly from a wider range of backgrounds.

John began his technology career nearly 30 years ago, working on early AI and even distributed ledger technologies that were deployed to great impact in private and public sector environments. His expertise across many roles within Oracle in security and data technologies have led to him being a renowned industry speaker, author and commentator on technical and business innovation issues.

John studied at Farnborough College of Technology.