Maria Joao Rodrigues


Personal Information

Maria Joao Rodrigues, former Portuguese minister of PM Antonio Guterres, is a European politician with a long track in all European institutions: EU Presidencies, Council, European Council, European Commission and, more recently, European Parliament. She played a relevant role is several big European initiatives: the EU growth and jobs strategy, the Lisbon Treaty, the Eurozone reform, the European Social Pillar, the interface with EU external strategic partners and the Roadmap for EU’s future.

She is currently Vice-President of S&D Group in the European Parliament, a parliamentary group with 189 members from all Member States and backed by one thousand staff. She has been in charge of the coordination of the parliamentary work and the interinstitutional negotiation on the EU agenda.
She was also elected as the President of FEPS, the European Foundation of Progressive Studies by its forty national member foundations across Europe.

As academic, she is full professor and was the Chair of the European Commission Board for socio-economic research. She has around one hundred publications and as expert and politician, has done more than two thousands conferences across Europe and the world.