Matúš Vallo


Personal Information

Matúš Vallo is an architect, urban expert and Mayor of Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic. He fell in love with architecture while studying in Rome as a teenager. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Slovak Technical University, as well as other study programs around the world. With his colleague Oliver Sadovsky he created a successful studio Vallo Sadovsky Architects. Matúš is one of the founders of the initiative City Interventions focused on creating small and creative concepts that generated more than 900 projects to improve public spaces in twenty Slovak and Czech cities.
The city of Bratislava has always been his main interest. That is also one of the reasons why he initiated work on a publication called Plan Bratislava three years ago. Since 2016, he had the privilege of working with the team of 70 devoted professionals from various fields, ranging from architecture, urban planning, culture, education, city management, citizen engagement to innovation, academia or entrepreneurship. They dedicated their energy and skills to create 12 topical working groups that united under one vision – to change Bratislava into a world-class city by building a great team of highly motivated experts eager to work for the public domain and share their expertise for the benefit of all the citizens. The book they have written together is called Plan Bratislava (https://www.planbratislava.sk/en) and serves as a masterplan to develop Bratislava during his term. Matúš started as the Mayor of Bratislava in December 2018.